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About Karin

Yoga Experience

Karin came to yoga in 1997 after a serious back injury left her in continuous pain for a number of years. The relief she found practicing Tai Chi and Qigong led her to embark upon an extensive training programme that convinced her of the transformative mind-body healing benefits of traditional Eastern practices and therapeutic yoga. She studied intensively with a number of Eastern and Western yoga teachers ever since, notably Godfrey Devereux, director of the Windfire Yoga Teacher Training Centre and former director of the Life Centre in London. Since 2003 Karin shares her passion for yoga by teaching others.

Karin also studied traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork in 2005-2007 with Kira Balaskas, one of the foremost Western teachers of this ancient healing art and founder of the School of Thai Yoga Massage in London. Since 2008 Karin holds an advanced level diploma in traditional Thai Yoga Bodywork.

Besides being gifted in working with the energy body, Karin also has a passionate interest in Eastern philosophy and psychology, and complementary therapies of natural origin.

She studied yoga anatomy and physiology in the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar with Leslie Kaminoff, the internationally recognized specialist in the fields of yoga and breath anatomy. Having successfully completed Leslie's Yoga Anatomy course in July 2011, she presently continues her studies to reinforce her knowledge in yoga anatomy, physiology and philosophy as well as in the art of teaching.

Yoga Teaching Style

Developed over the years through her own experimentation and study of various styles of yoga, bodywork, and related bodymind techniques, Karin's contemporary understanding of ancient knowledge and practices and how to integrate them into everyday life can inspire even the most stressed-out individual.

Her classes are playful and exploratory, sometimes physically challenging and intense, sometimes gentle and restorative. Being herself an energy-centred practitioner, Karin focuses on helping students find the flow of energy in their bodies through movement, self-observation, and self-enquiry, applying whatever method will best reach her students to develop increased mind-body awareness, cultivate an ability to be present and actively listen to what is actually happening at a particular moment in time.

Combined with Thai Yoga Bodywork to awaken in each student the inseparable energies between body, mind, and spirit, Karin's teaching style aspires to transmit the powerful simplicity of yoga, leading students of all levels of experience, strength, stamina or flexibility to a clearer perception of the self and others.

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