Dynamic Yoga as we practice it is not a style of yoga. It is a method for exploring and experiencing the full power and meaning of yoga.

Dynamic Yoga captures the simplicity of Ashtanga Yoga, the precision of Iyengar Yoga, and the balance and harmony of Hatha Yoga, through emphasizing Vinyasa Krama—the principle of synchronizing movement with the breath and progressive development of:

  • physical strength & flexibility
  • alignment & form
  • stamina & focus
  • concentration & mindfulness
  • balance & unobstructing the breath

Dynamic Yoga promotes mind-body awareness and inner stillness.

This prepares the body and mind for introspection and the subtler levels of advanced yoga practice and gives you the skills and knowledge for a life-long yoga practice you will love.


Sensation is the voice of the guru within. Listening to your body is allowing sensation to guide movement and action.

This is an intelligent yoga practice, it’s more personal, more gentle, and more sustainable over the long term. Olga K., Mougins

I’m a beginner and have been to other yoga classes but always felt that group classes were not appropriate to my physical ability and needs. Since I met Karin I no longer feel certain postures are out of my range. She explained each posture at a level that is right for me and took time making sure I properly understood them. I now feel more confident adjusting postures myself and not go beyond my limits. Amy S., Cannes

On vacation in Cannes, this was spot on and in line with what I was seeking! Personalized yoga that best suits my needs and schedule as a competitive athlete. T.J., London