From Jiddu Krishnamurti’s 2nd Public Talk “Learning That Transforms Consciousness”, Saanen, Switzerland, 14th July, 1981:

Now, is there another form of learning? Learning not in the context of knowledge but a different form, a non-accumulative perception-action?

To find out we have to enquire whether it is possible to observe the content of our consciousness and to observe the world without a single prejudice. Is that possible?

Do not say it is not possible, just ask the question.

See whether, when you have a prejudice, you can observe clearly. You cannot, obviously.

If you have a certain conclusion, a certain set of beliefs, concepts, ideals, and you want to see clearly what the world is, all those conclusions, ideals, prejudices and so on will actually prevent it.

It is not a question of how to get rid of your prejudices but of seeing clearly, intelligently that any form of prejudice, however noble or ignoble, will actually prevent perception. When you see that, prejudices go.

What is important is NOT the prejudice but the demand to see clearly.

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